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Welcome to your path
of health and balance!

Do you ever wonder:

How can I optimize my life?

How can I get beyond where I am now?

What will it take for me to live my BEST life and stop the struggle?

People ask themselves these or similar questions...

I have some good news to share with you today, and I believe you were guided here for a reason.

Because even though your current limitations & circumstances may seem like walls of containment or barriers to your goals, the reality is that we are all energy.

Everything around us, everything within us is energy.

Relationships are energy exchange and even money is energy.

So what does this mean for you personally?

This means that when you heal your energy, you heal your LIFE.

Now let's take a look at both the practical & scientific, as well as the spiritual and metaphysical factors at work, so you can apply this and really transform your life, more quickly and easily than ever...

Material objects made of mass are actually built up of many tiny particles with lots of space between them. If you want to think of atoms of matter on another scale, you can think of our solar system, only in place of the sun, you have the nucleus and protons, and the electrons are the planets rotating around the center, with vastness in between.

So, with this in mind, how is it that we sometimes
have a difficult time receiving?

Another concept that might be difficult to wrap your brain around is that of "Mind over matter," which brings to mind people performing miraculous tasks like mentally commanding metal spoons to bend, or levitating objects in defiance of gravity. But, if you consider what I mentioned above, doesn't it seem logically possible to be able to willfully command a large number of miniscule subatomic particles, with a bunch of space in between them, as opposed to moving a grand piano without touching it?

Now, let's go back to the walls in life that you face that have been preventing you from getting what you want. Many, if not most of us are going through life carrying with us junk from childhood, other life experiences or even from past lives.

This includes limiting beliefs and fears, which serve as mental, emotional and spiritual baggage. Those are the bricks and mortar that make up those walls, which seem so daunting.

But actually these "walls" are thoughts, emotions, and subconscious energies, which prevent us from focusing the innate power of our minds and directing our energy and will.

Your energy field and subconscious is like a hard disk in a computer that loads and runs so fast when it's new, and as time goes on with use, it starts to fill up. Then it seems to take forever to open up applications and documents, because the system is hunting down all of the various parts, which are now stored all over the surface of the disk drive. When you do some house cleaning and clear off unneeded files, what happens? Your computer works better.

As an energy worker, I observe all of this junk stored not only in the mind, but also in other energy centers of the human body - the chakras. There are 88,000 of those, but we mainly focus on the main seven that go up and down the spine.

The chakras emit refracted light that is generated by our own electromagnetic system, so they are like glass lenses. When grime builds up on glass, light is blocked, so the stuff we carry around with us through life serves to do the same thing with the chakras, and the light we "shine" serves to connect us with our world.

Clearing this buildup, grime and cloudy murk is part of what I do as a shamanic healer, customized intuitively for each client in the moment.

Is it time to "reboot" your program and wipe the slate clean, get a fresh new start and reclaim your own energy? If you would like to energize and harmonize your energetic system so you are more empowered to move joyfully and powerfully forward into your best life, I would be honored to serve you.
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There are numerous factors contributing to your current condition, both inner and outer, and the good news is that you don't need to spin your wheels any longer, nor do you need to wait or wonder. When healing is done at the core, root cause level, and on the levels of energy, soul and consciousness, there are no limitations.

I highly recommend you do two things if you are serious about making the changes you want, for greater health, happiness, love and wealth:

1) Get mentored and trained by the right teacher(s) who empower you.
2) Get the healing and coaching support you need because let's face it. We all don't know what it is that we don't know, and we are all affected by emotions and "caught in our own stuff" - and stories.

If you are ready to do something dramatically different, yet very gentle, effective and harmonious, that will help you for years to come, this is your opportunity. Are you feeling called? Listen to your voice of wisdom and you will know.


With greater clarity, you can start to get a concept of what you want in the next steps of your life, or maybe you already have. Here's where the focus comes in. Writing things down is a good start, especially if you can artfully create a map of your dream or goal that is somewhat expandable. I say this because as you focus and meditate on this on a regular basis, it starts to take mass in a sense and things with mass will attract other things to it that can serve as resources like money, ideas, people, tools or needed items to achieve a goal, given you have stated a clear, positive intention to the universe. It also helps to have a physical space for this effort, like an altar. The sense of humble honoring is an important ingredient to getting what you want, as is having a set of affirmations carefully worded to move yourself forward. Have faith in this process, which will become stronger the longer you persist. Having a ritual or set of rituals can help you bring all this out. It can then start to snowball! If you have a need to get support in this process, I provide a service, which has opened doors and delivered miraculous results for 100's of people! If you are stuck, and need energetic clearing and healing, to get to a point of being able to receive, then I can do this work with you as well.

With heartfelt sincerity,

Mark Goddard

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