If you were able to consciously change your life, what would you change?
What would you do differently? Does it feel like there is something in your way or working against you? Do you feel your energy is not what it should be? Is your health affected or have your relationships been impacted? Do you notice patterns in your life experience that don't seem fair?


My name is Mark Goddard, and I would like to invite you to take a journey with me, a fantastic voyage...

Because you were guided to read this right now, you must be here for a reason. Perhaps a pattern of challenges that don't seem to have a solution, or a pain that results from a gap between the life you currently lead and the experience you long to have. Or, the relationships you have in your life do not honor you for who you really are and this feels frustrating, lonely and painful.

In this 3-dimensional, logic-based world we live in, we can look at what doesn't work, take actions based on recommendations, and look for the expected results.

But, sometimes even when you make your best efforts and take the logical steps, nothing seems to work and you feel stuck. You feel like you deserve better, but you don't know how to get there. This is because we only see the patterns of reality we are familiar with and not the rest of the greater body of Truth that we haven't grasped yet.

In our universe, there are patterns of energy.

This energy is expansive, flowing and tends toward a state of harmony. It expresses itself in a very particular order and geometry and operates based on the concept of "Natural Law." The interconnectedness of all things expresses itself through these geometries, whether we see them in the galaxies in outer space or the structures found in all living beings – all the way down to our DNA, and even in subatomic particles.

In addition, we are habit-based beings and everything is a learned behavior. Many of us have had wounds in our life experience – in this lifetime or earlier ones, or even between lives or in utero - and we compensate for these wounds with protective unconscious habits, which may not be in alignment with your higher purpose or desired life experience.

Both the original cause (wounding experience) and our resulting habits of protection show up as restrictions of flow in our personal energy field or blocks in our chakras or energy centers. Other symptoms of this lack of flow can include mental chatter or negative thoughts, which keep us from our own inner peace.

Also, energy attracts like energy, so if you have wounds or blockages and compensations on a soul level, you may be attracting like energies from the outside world, creating a vicious cycle.

And now for the good news, and where I come in.

As a shamanic healer and light energy worker with decades of experience, multiple modalities and a deep commitment to helping you break free - finally! - from all that has been limiting you, I am here to support your path to greater vitality, empowerment, wealth, happiness, creativity, love and joy.

If you can metaphorically think of yourself as a tapestry that is perfect, but has gone though some wear and tear, in a lot of ways, what I can do is help you to sort out all of the threads, bring back those that have been torn out and clear out all of the dirt and grime that has settled in, giving you new vibrancy, color and definition.

Does this resonate for you? If yes, scroll down to sign up for an hourly session with me to create sacred space, get a laser focus on how you want to make things different through a check-in and chakra-aura reading and chart the path together for your benefit and highest good...

Each of us walks our own path in life, but we as human beings share a common world. Circumstances of life, how we are exposed to our world and how we respond to it make us unique individuals. This means we all have our gifts and our challenges. Even though we walk our path in life alone, our paths cross and our own path can be made easier through the sharing of the experience of others.

We all can thrive if we have a container of safety and positivity in our lives. It can take many forms. It has a feeling of home and sanctuary. It has definition, direction and protection. We can look at our world from it and be able to explore, grow and succeed. For a lot of people, that container has been missing or has been shattered in some way or another. So, in some ways, our lives are about evaluating and changing the container of our life experiences for the better.

This is where I come in. In no way can I claim to know what your life is about, but I come to the table with an understanding of the forces of life in our world and can help you reach out to energetic alliances which can help you switch your life travel to a different path that is smoother, more enjoyable and beneficial.

I help you get your clarity of purpose & movement in life, find your contentment & connectedness with all things on your path. Clear out blockages, blindness to truth, stuckness and stagnation, despair, fear of the unknown, disempowerment, depression and anxiety, frustration and discord, addictive behavior, pain, forces of ill-will and remedy that sense of lack of direction.

Where the knowledge of the mind meets the wisdom of the heart. That's the place from which I serve.
I look forward to doing this with you.

Mark Goddard -

I love the work I do because it is the work of helping people. It is a showing of ways and choices to take. It is bringing clarity to foggy situations where the experience has been wandering in circles. The key I am finding to most of this work is to provide and anchor to help calm and bring clarity. I do this through the sharing of my medicine through direct contact with people and through my art. We are all in this together as community.

A key element of the work I do with people is releasing that which does not serve. A basic rule of thumb is that if a container is full of unwanted items, there is no space for desired things. Many people are frustrated that they can't get what they want and need out of life. They don't realize that they need to get rid of the baggage first. So, the first thing to do is let go of the unneeded, undesired detrimental "stuff", then refill the container with a lighter, healing energy with an intention towards the desired outcome. It is literally finding and hitting the reset button!

We come into the world with a birthright of health, joy, happiness and the means of a generous universe. We also come here with contracts and lessons to learn and maybe even things that have followed us here with ill intent. I intend to help you learn those lessons, see your truth and move forward and onward with a reconnection to your joy...

Who Comes To Me?

Those who come to me have had interpersonal and financial challenges and have had low self-esteem. They have come to me for help figuring out their lives, heal relations with family members, rearrange situations in their past life experiences on an energetic plane. They have been people who have struggled with pain and sadness, anxiety and disempowerment and have experienced being challenged by entities messing with their lives, or they have been in need of chakra clearing on one level or another. Many have tried other approaches to addressing their problems and even other healers, without results.

Take my hand. I am the catalyst. We can do this together."

I love to help people. I love seeing people emerge from a cocoon of despair, grief and unknowingness into the light of joy and relief. I have a skill and a connection in this work in that I am a catalyst for change.

However, as a catalyst, the bottom line is I support you where you are at and I open a way for you and show you the path. It is your work and you are doing it. I am holding a container for this and inviting beings on the high plane of things to perform their work. I serve as the hollow bamboo, or the messenger. I am an ambassador for the individuals who see a need for change in themselves, are willing to search, be open and do what is required on their end to achieve a better life experience. On my end, as a Shamanic practitioner and energy worker, there may be a definite approach, i.e., past life regression work, journeying, cord cutting, energetic clearing work, chakra cleansing and healing work and Reiki may play a role. There may also be instances where I come up with a completely unique customized approach to your problem, as I have for many who have come to me. The bottom line is I am committed to help you and I step into my font of power to do this. My intention is to do this quickly, safely and simply and deliver the results you are looking for within an hour to an hour and a half. I will persist until the work is done. I will never leave you hanging with the passage of a time limit! There are times when work requires multiple sessions, but that should be clear relatively early on.

Clear, balance and fine-tune your Chakras.

Entity/Dark Energies/Cord Removal.

Fills you with Divine Light, Joy and Peace.

Restores your life force and natural energy.

Feelings of peace, deep contentment, happiness are often felt immediately and last well after the session ends, even for a lifetime and beyond.

Relieves anxiety, fear, grief, depression, gets you unstuck.

Enhances your connection with spirit guides, angels, Divine Source~God.

Removes blocks in life areas that have been challenging.

Sets you free and empowers you to live your best life!

Intake Period
I want to get to know you and your experience, in order to help you. I get this from a combination of a filled out intake form and initial check-in at the beginning of your session with me.

I like to begin every session with intuitive, heartfelt prayer to enter into the sacred space. Also, having a sense of humility is an important part of every action. It pays to ask for the outcome you intend to achieve before you endeavor to do it, despite any toolbox, skill, wisdom or talent. I will ask for the presence of any and all positive, white light guides for your process, including the Christ-Light energy. There will already be movement towards the desired goal before the end of prayer.

The Path
At this time the direction to take will be clear. I will have a modality in mind that will fit your need, or I will come up with one. You will see and feel the light and move toward your goal. It will most likely be at this time that it will be clear weather or not more than one session is needed. If multiple issues need to be resolved, multiple sessions are likely to be needed.

The Journey
Our work together is just that... A journey. It will unfold organically, safely, and positively. Shamanism is powerful work and it can take many turns. I will be beside you in the spiritual realm to hold your hand, protect you and guide you. I will help you be grounded for the journey, which is required for this kind of work. I shape shift and guide the event. I may be making audible sounds or taking on aspects of beings other than my physical self to engage the challenges I find in the moment. It is during this time that you will experience psychic level healing, you will embrace your own power and come face to face with whatever force to which you need to speak truth.

Psychic Surgery
A lot of what I find myself doing with people is psychic surgery. This is where I do a lot of the releasing that must happen before healing can occur.

Healing & Filling
In harmony with the principles of balance of energy and matter, when something is removed from a system, something else must fill the void left. As a Reiki Master, I fall back on the gentle healing quality of Reiki energy to wrap up our work together and provide subtle energy healing.

The following Spiritual Clearings and Healings done by Rev. Mark Goddard a.k.a. Running Deer Spirit Eagle, the Twin Flame of Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, who is an interfaith minister, Reiki Master and shamanic healer. Rev. Mark also works closely with Archangels Raphael, Michael, Sandalphon and Metatron and is considered by many to be a living embodiment of The Green Man.

Integrating Eastern and Western healing modalities and spiritual traditions, as intuitively guided by Spirit, featuring:

Powerful Healing Prayer

Shamanic Extraction ~ Psychic Surgery

Shamanic Energy Healing & Balancing

Rosicrucian Exorcism ~ This mystical ceremony is over 400 years old and calls upon the Christ Light to immediately clear darkness out of your aura. Known as the "Spiritual Roto Rooter" because it clears the "drain" even when nothing else works!

Space & House Energy Clearing

Personal Spiritual Energy Clearing



What You Get:

  • Time with me: One-on-one clearing/treatment session up to 90 minutes.

  • Complete training in an ancient exorcism practice empowering you to protect yourself, as you move forward from your session. (This includes access to a descriptive video and text in pdf format.)

  • Followup email communication which can serve as a coaching modality or distance energy refinement to your experience.

It is from my heart that I serve, so it is my goal to have everyone experience success with our interaction and a sense of completion of a goal. There are instances where it could take more than one session to get to the bottom of an issue and that would be discussed with you to find the highest good solution.

I will create sacred space with you and call into service all appropriate beings of light, ascended masters, angelic forces and create for you a custom healing session for your benefit and all of those around you, for the highest good of all.

VALUE = $500

Also includes:



You will receive a special video training and PDF that shows you how to do a powerful spiritual clearing for yourself and your loved ones.

This clearing is from an ancient mystery school and is over 400 years old! It calls upon the divine Christlight energy and has been proven to work, even in stubborn or extreme cases. Many people consider this one of the most important tools they ever get in their spiritual toolbox.

VALUE = $300 yet priceless

Save $553!

* Follow up personal email support to help you integrate your healing experience.

VALUE = $150

* 1 month's worth of Shamanic Money Reiki ZAP's.

VALUE = $70

TOTAL VALUE = $1,020

Special Rate
Only $397

Imagine what your life will be like and how much better you will feel, how much more connected to Source (God/Spirit) and in the FLOW once all the junk and gunk has been cleared out of your aura!


What You Get:

  • Time with me: One-on-one clearing/treatment session up to 90 minutes - times 3!.

  • All of the above for your benefit, with each session

TOTAL VALUE = $2,850

Special Rate
Only $997

With the additional support, imagine how much different life will feel having a greater sense of connectedness and ease of flow with what you do!


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