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What the heaven is a Zap™? The "Zap™" is a POWERFUL ENERGY & SOUL healing transmission, done as a live remote energy healing session.

It would be best described as Money Reiki on steroids, as Mark has taken Money Reiki, as a Grand Master, and included a shamanic approach to his transmissions of this positive energy. He has also created 7 more Money Reiki symbols, which only he uses in the process of Money Reiki transmissions. Mark sends this energy around the world through group sessions, which happen twice a month on the Full and New Moon cycles, and individual sessions, lasting up to a half an hour.

Even during the group sessions, you have your own time in the Limelight, where you get individual attention and acknowledgement of your personal intentions. You are included in this empowering sacred circle and being energetically held and healed by shamanic medicine man, Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grand Master Mark Goddard. Periodically, a channeled piece of artwork will come out of a particular Medicine Circle, which he shares digitally.


MEDICINE WHEEL CEREMONY calling in the 4 directions and the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth on your behalf and for the world.

REIKI SYMBOLS - Usui and Tibetan for your healing and enlightenment.

MONEY REIKI SYMBOLS - Enhance your relationship with money and open you to RECEIVE WEALTH & ABUNDANCE, so more money flows to you with ease. This includes an additional 7 Money Reiki symbols that Mark uses on your behalf.

NEW ANGELIC & SHAMANIC MONEY REIKI SYMBOLS - Not available anywhere else in the world! Imbued with and blessed by Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael and the Ascended Masters on your behalf.

INDIVIDUAL as well as GROUP LEVEL HEALING! - There is nowhere else on Earth where you can receive such an in-depth extensive shamanic and Reiki healing with customized healing for such a reasonable energy exchange!

SACRED INTUITIVELY DESIGNED NEW SHAMANIC REIKI-IMBUED ART PIECE! The Zap™ sessions will sometimes inspire Mark, while in the ceremony, to create a NEW shamanic piece of art. YOUR initials are placed on the art to energetically link you to the powerful frequencies and vibrations from this REIKI MANDALA! And you will receive a digital copy of the art to enjoy and be blessed by for years to come.

These live group shamanic healing transmissions are 6 to 48 hours in length, depending on the number of participants. Transmissions are in-depth, and can focus on you specific intentions, an immersion in energy on multiple levels, magical, miraculous, life-changing. Physical healing has also come out of these transmissions, even though the focus is on money and abundance.


The Universe is the Source of everything, in any form. God, Source, Universe, for me, means all the same thing in this regard. Since all comes from the Universe, there is than no limit to possibility - physically or energetically. The energy of the Universe constantly moves towards harmony, so there is a pure, positive and loving nature to this. We are not separate from the Universe or Nature, we are an integral part of it.

It is our birthright to have what we need and desire in our lives from the time we are born. We are the only thing in our way because of past negative experiences and the way we've learned to be in the world. Sometimes issues follow us here from past lives. This equates to a lack of consciousness.

Some might say that to achieve an ideal life experience, we need to unlearn our way to it. I think there is some truth to that. As anything in life, the money journey can be a spiritual journey.

The big goals of Money Reiki are to embrace and bring forth the ultimate truth that money is a good thing, that it is a resource for all and that there is just as great a possibility that good can be done using money as bad.

Money Reiki embraces the Universal Life Force Energy associated with traditional Reiki as a conduit of healing money and deservingness issues.

It is my personal goal to move as much positive energy in the world as possible to make it a better place. My purpose as both a Reiki/Money Reiki and shamanic practitioner is to embrace intentions of people through the strengths of these traditions and maximize the impact through prayer, ritual container and channeling the energy of the Universe with powerful intention.


Clearing the blockages preventing you from receiving money.

Expanding your horizons of abundance and resources you can receive.

Increase your confidence & self-worth, go from hope to knowingness.

Heal your relationship with money.

Find more moments of joy in your daily life and see periods of anxiety diminish.

Get launched in the direction of your dreams!.


Here's what you get with the
Shamanic Money Reiki Zap
Live Healing Transmission:

Needing a personal energetic boost? Wanting an injection of financial magic into your current life situation? Maybe seeking answers to a financial dilemma that could loosened up with a shamanic healing session while in a meditative state? I perform these ZAP's on the Full and New Moon phases. Join us!...

"Where the Knowledge of the Mind meets the Wisdom of the Heart.
That's the point from which I serve."

- Mark Goddard - Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grand Master, Shamanic Healer, Artist.

The Money Reiki Zap level is a customized, remote energy transmission for financial well-being. It is also a REMOTE ENERGY HEALING session by Shamanic Money Reiki Grand Master Mark Goddard.

These sessions take place at a set time, on either the Full Moon or the New Moon for increased power. There is nothing to schedule, and you do not show up on a call or Facebook group chat, there is no recording or transcript; it is simply a very focused and powerful VIBRATIONAL TRANSMISSION of Money Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shamanic Healing Energy and Angelic Healing Energy for you.

Upon registration for a single or multi-session package, you will have a link to a pdf file, which is the schedule for all of the ZAPs that calendar year.

I have a lot of people sign up for this from all over the world, so instead of an event that lasts a little under an hour, these transmissions will go on for the full day and may spill over into the next. I will email or FaceBook message you when it is your turn to receive the energy. If you have a relaxed schedule the day of the ZAP, it is ideal to sit meditatively in a safe, quiet place with a glass of drinking water handy. You can listen to the audio I provided or Reiki music to trance out to, or just be present and observant in your quiet space.

I start the creation of space for this event at 10:30 am my time, in California(PST) on either a Full or New Moon.

Please know that you will receive the benefit of this work whether or not you are able to take the time to relax meditatively to tune in directly, or you need to take care of work obligations or daily life activities.

You do not need to call or go to any specific website or FaceBook group to receive this. It's esoteric work, and it is my heartfelt intention that you receive everything that you manifest for yourself and those around you... So, make sure your intentions are pure and positive and clean of any negative language. Have faith in the process and if you are able to sit quietly and focus on this, imagine you already have everything you want and see how that feels.

You may be blessed with blissful sensations and/or experience miraculous events in harmony with your intentions, or you may not feel anything. It is possible, if you have a package program to experience things during some sessions and not others. I am still transmitting to you all individually. I have created an audio for you to listen to during the time I am focused on your behalf. It will help you get out of your own way, so to speak.

There is also the possibility that you may need a clearing or healing session with me, if something in your aura or life experience is preventing you from receiving the energy. If you feel this is the case and you wish to explore this possibility further with me, go to:,
or email me at:

These sessions are cumulative so it is recommended to get at least 3 to really get a consistent high-vibrational energy immersion and get the best results, however many people do notice a shift immediately.

The energy healing session is always done with prayer and in sacred space, for the Highest Good of All and we work only with positive intent and the energy of Love.

Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Ascended Masters and Reiki Masters support each session with Divine Blessings for you.

We look forward to being of service!


Mark Goddard is a Shamanic Healer, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grand Master and Visual Artist. His life since childhood has been contemplative and focused on the natural world. He has been curious about the ancient spiritual and religious traditions and the quest for meaning in life. Personally, his inward search for this understanding has taken the path of honoring nature and living creatively to walk a path of beauty.

He has also been known to have a healing touch and has empathy for those in pain or who are less fortunate.

After pursuing studies in Geology and the Visual Arts in college, he stepped out into a world that was not completely in-line with his ideals of a humanity that was conscious of our natural surroundings and how people are interconnected. He saw a lack of honoring of the significance of the life support system we depend on, or the quality of life it brings us, in its diversity. It was also about how people honored each other and themselves. Part of the magic of nature is the energy of it and the movement of that energy, which is universally the same. So, how to tap into and use that energy to benefit his own life and that of others became his search - a sense of higher psychology.

He learned energy work through Eastern meditation practices and exposure to Sufi and Persian thought and culture. He also, through his interest in shamanism became initiated into healing practices from the Lakota traditions and then was trained in Reiki. The Heart as a source of expression of intention plays a big role in his spiritual work.


Raves About Mark's Money Reiki ZAPs!

Thinking of you on this full moon and wishing to send overdue thanks & gratitude for your dear generous email last time. I'll be coming back soon for more zaps. Had a fantastic day last Saturday for apparently no reason. - just high happy positive energy all day- it seemed to me to be a result of your goodwill & generosity last time. That's what came to me when I asked. Thank you for being there and thank you for being the rare person that you are. Til next time, all the best
- Sarah Brennan



Moon Cycle Group Shamanic Money Reiki Sessions

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Moon Cycle Group
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Moon Cycle Group Financial
Shamanic Healing Session
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Shamanic Healing Session
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Shamanic Healing Session
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Shamanic Healing Session
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Private Individual Money Reiki Sessions

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